martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014


We all enjoy that play and these are our actors and actresses´ opinions:

"Last Thursday we went to the theatre. It was so funny. The actors told me to help them. I didn´t want to help them at first but finally, I went to the stage. When I was up there, I was very nervous. I was the cook and the Chiquilicuatre. I was dancing and reading a few sentences. It was really funny and a great experience"            By Lucía Arribas.

 "I was sitting on my chair watching a funny play. When Claire, the beautiful actress, went down the stage to look for an assistant, she caught me and I thought: “Oh no”. I went behind the stage; everybody clapped to me (of course), she told me I had to do as she did. I don’t need to explain all I did, because you could see me. I was a famous actor, Antonio Banderas, and I was in a restaurant. Claire and I danced, acted, and in the end I think I enjoyed it, but I don’t want to repeat this experience."                 By Jaime Gómez. 

"My experience in the theatre was very amazing. I was a famous singer and dancer. My name was Superstar. When actors talked to me, I didn´t understand anything because they spoke very quickly and I was very nervous."              By Carmela García

"When the actress came to our seats, I was sure that she would choose me. At first, I felt so shy because they said to me that I had to dance, I dance really bad, but finally, I had a really good time and I enjoyed the theatre very much. The actors did a very good job and "volunteers" helped them. I have to say THANKS to everybody that watched the theatre and I hope you had a good time and learn some English!!                     By Manuel García.

 "I remember that the title of the play was "Food for Thought". I was Johnny Deep. I had a good time but it was difficult for me because I am very shy."       By Edgar Parra.

Test your understanding of "Food for Thought".

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