lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

English Camp in Palencia 2016

 A group of 11 students of 1º and 2º  ESO spent a week in Palencia from the 18th to the 22nd of April. They participated in a variety of workshops, sports and other activities in the company of native speaking teaching staff. And these are their opinions:

"I was shy the first day but the second day I felt I could speak English"  By Victoria Simón.
"I feel I learnt a lot of vocabulary but I was really surprised because other students spoke English better than me"  by Eva Maestro.
"I said -thank you- to the chefs in the kitchen" by Laura Corrales.
"I learnt a lot of pronuncition" by Elena Serrano.
"I had a really good week. I met new friends. I enjoyed playing football, basketball and dancing" by Pablo Herranz.
"It´s the best camp I have ever been to, I meet students from Mojados and Tordesillas and we had fun." by Diego Zubiaga.

Enjoy in the camp
Never boring
Girls and boys,
Learn English and
Interesting things,
Singing songs and
High jumps in the party.

Climbing in the Rock,
Action for all
Many people go together to
Palencia´s camp.

           By Mario Cebrián

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