martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

"One Way Ticket"

Last 5th of November, there was a theatre play called "One Way Ticket" in Nava de la Asunción. The play took place in the assembly room next to the sports centre where the actors set their scenery (the London Tube).
A woman, whose name was Bob, travelled from Manchester to London by British railway. She had to do an interview to be a reporter for the BBC. Harry was a clerk in the London Tube and he didn´t let Bob travel because her ticket wasn´t valid for the Tube. Bob didn´t have money so she dressed up as a government inspector and set a videocamera in the station in order to record everything going on. Bob and Harry made a deal, if she helped Harry to get a better and more efficient station, Harry would give her a ticket, so she finally could go to the interview and became a BBC reporter, and Harry would keep his work because everything was a fake.
I think that it was really easy to understand so students from lower levels attended and got the message across. To sum up, I can say that it was a very interesting and funny play, not very long because it lasted one hour and a quarter and it was a different way to improve our listening and understanding level.

By Marina López.

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