lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

A week in English.

Before Easter holiday, 24 students from 1st and 2nd ESO went to Palencia to improve their English skills. Here you have some of their comments:
"The camp was fantantic, we made friends, very good friends. We did some activities and games in English. It was the best week of this year." By Ángela Ajo.
"I liked the camp because I spoke English and we went to La Roca. I didn´t like an activity called: the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend." By Julia Perfecto.
"It was a fantastic experience, I recomend it to the people of the next year. You can meet other students and you make a lot of friends. The activities in La Roca were fantastic." By Álvaro Carrión.
"My experience in the camp was very exiting because I learn English and I made new friends from Arévalo and Tordesillas. My favourite thing in the camp was the party because I danced a lot with my friends." By Eva Maestro.
"The camp was fantastic, I met new friends, we played a lot of activities and the people were friendly. I liked the camp but it was very short." By Elena Serrano.

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